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Whites won't be the minority in the US!
Reacting to recent spate of attacks against the minority Black community in the US, columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote an almost emotive article, in New York Times on 10 December, 2014, titled, "What if Whites were the minority?"
In this article Mr. Kristof writes a dialogue between a White dad and his White son in a situation when Whites were the minority in the US. Here are some of the excerpts:

Dad: Nope. That'd be easy. Have you seen the video of the White horticulturist being choked to death by police?

Son: All the kids have seen it. He says he can't breathe, and Black cops still kill him. [Expletive!]

Dad: Don't curse. It is wrong, but it's the way the world works. And that's why Mom and I are scared for you. With us Whites in the minority, some cops are just going to see you as a threat no matter what. You're going to get stopped by Black cops, and I want you to promise you'll never run or mouth off. Mom and I can't protect you out there, and White kids are 21 times as likely as Black kids to be shot dead by police. So even when a cop curses you, I want you to call him Sir.

And Mr. Kristof continues:

Son: C'mon, Dad. When a 12-year-old White kid is shot dead because he's holding a toy gun, when a White woman Professor is thrown to the ground for jaywalking, when cops smash a car window to taser a White guy in front of kids, that's not cluelessness. That's evil. White lives matter.

Dad: It's complicated. Remember when you were suspended in the fourth grade for being disruptive?

Son: That was ridiculous.

Dad: Yup. White kids get suspended when black kids don't. That's just the way it is. But the Black vice principal who suspended you - he's the same guy who enthusiastically organizes White History Month each year. Intellectually, he believes in civil rights. But he kicks out White kids for the same reason doctors give less pain medication to White patients. Same reason that in experiments a resume that is identifiably White gets fewer callbacks than the exact same resume from a Black person. It's not on purpose, but people 'otherize' us. That's why you'll have to work harder to succeed in life - and even then you'll be followed around department stores by security guys.

Dad also says, "Society cares about inequality. But the big inequality debate is about rich and poor, and some folks don't seem to notice all the inequality that comes with race. White Americans have a per capita income that's lower than in Equatorial Guinea, and life expectancy is roughly the same as in Sri Lanka. The system here is sometimes rigged. Cops stop and frisk Whites four times as often they do Blacks. And that criminal record hurts your chance to get a good job, to marry, to vote. Everybody makes mistakes, but Black kids get the benefit of the doubt. You don't, simply because you're White."

Funny! No history, evolution and memory. Mr. Kristof wants to project that if Whites were the minority in the US they would be as under-performing as the Blacks in the US are at present time as if it is the majority and minority status which defines and determines performance. Whites are minority in many parts in Africa but they are not under-performing at all. They perform far better than the native Black majority.

If one argues that African-Americans are better performing than Africans then American Whites are far better in that sense as compared to African Whites. And anyway who are the Blacks? They are mostly immigrants from Africa brought into the US in the past as labor. The original Black people of the US, the American Indians, are hardly anybody in the US.

Sure, thousands were killed when the White Europeans started colonizing the US but they would not be a dominant people even otherwise. Blacks had no capacity to come to the US on their own as even Latin Americans could not discover the US when it was so close to them.

So the US was to belong to the most enterprising people in the world and they were the Europeans before the colonizers settled in the US. Mr. Kristof shows no respect for the institutions those which the US has, like, the White House, the US Congress, the Pentagon, the State Department, the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury, the Federal Supreme Court, the Commerce Department, the Ivy League and countless others.

All are mostly the creations of the White people. Fine, Blacks were not that empowered people then but still they could not have created many of these institutions and not so handsomely those which they would have created as the Whites did and have been doing even now.

The US Constitution which is the best in the world is the Constitution which could have been written only by Whites and there is nothing racy about it. This is the fact. The world's positive aspects are due to the dominance of the US and the US is what it is because of the dominance of the Whites. In order to continue dominance of White people, they would have to minimally increase their birth rates to replaceable levels.

Let there be no demographic competition among the various constituents of American society. Political power is the most important thing and the Whites can dominate politics if they are significant numerical majority in the US. A vote cannot become one and a half neither can it become half by any wish-thinking by any one.

I know this is high consciousness era and every one who is not so would seek equality with the most dominant ones. This is particularly true about Blacks in the US. For few among them it is compulsive obsession as well. Many of them are talented people and with time they are going to be better performing but if Whites continue to invest into themselves the gap is going to increase with time. This is the stark reality about the irreversible world where the most dominant have secured their position permanently. But still the talk about equality is not mere academic exercise. It matters and it does so indeed.

Only thing is that beyond a point it becomes emotive and nobody is going to share his and her assets by various redistribution mechanisms and arbitrary taxing. Subsidies can only let people meet their ends and that too barely. Subsidies can never empower people. This is particularly true in the US.

However, at the same time, the Blacks should not be discriminated against and they should be allowed to grow naturally. If a majority of the US population and they need not be Whites alone, feel that low-end immigrants are not welcome they should tell their Congresspersons but under no case they should resort to racist violence. The best thing for all Americans would be to push hard for a proper immigration and exit policies and they should brace themselves with reforms.

While I do not support people demanding incompatible things through identity and consciousness induced vocalism and consumerism, I do not support racism at all. At the same time statistics also matters; the acts against Blacks are not as widespread as it appears from protests and all abuses and rights violations are reported. In my opinion, Whites, particularly those in the US, should not break laws nor should they ever manipulate it. Whites in the US do not have anything to fear from anyone except their own falling relative numbers.

However, the likelihood of Whites becoming minority in the US is low no matter how huge immigration from Latin America the State Department projects. It will not be that easy either, should it become a reality. So if the non-Whites believe that they would get 'real justice' after Whites become a minority in the US then that day may never come off. The best thing for all would be to improve race relations and invest in themselves.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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